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Our "Beyond" Mind & Body Collection is making the holidays better with a luxurious gift set made for stress-busting during the holiday's. 


Pam's Fizzy Factory "Chill Pill" Bathbomb

Infused with organic hemp oils the "Chill Pill" bathbomb is the ultimate indulgence for your relaxing bath. Blended with essential oils and organic coconut oil, your bath will never be the same again.


5th World Brands Body Therapy Relief Lotion
After your Chill Pill bath, or anytime that you need a spot treatment for minor body aches, 5th World's Hemp derived Body Therapy pain relief lotion, will be your go-to formulation. Luxuriously formulated with organic oils, this non-greasy formula is packed with active botanicals and designed to be absorbed quickly, work effectively and leave no residue.


Our Skin Cares Anti-Aging Serum

Give Your Skin Everything It Needs To Glow. Our physician-led team created the most effective and convenient all-in-one serum on the market. Formulated with 12 potent ingredients this rich serum offers more targeted results. Our Skin Cares also cares by making products without harmful ingredients, no dyes, no silicons and no animal testing. Learn more.

Beyond Your Mind & Body Collection

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