‘What’s Your Beautiful’ Spotlight: Suzanne Jones

by Tami Brehse January 24, 2017

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‘What’s Your Beautiful’ Spotlight: Suzanne Jones

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Meet Suzanne Jones, Georgia native and mom of three.

Ever since she was young, Jones has felt called to adopt a child. Just shy of two years ago, she and her family made that calling a reality, welcoming a beautiful little girl from China into their home.

“The older I got, and once I became a mother to my sons, it became even closer to my heart to step in and be a mother for a child that didn’t have one,” Jones says. “Not in the sense of ‘rescuing’ them, but to let them know ‘I want to be your mother.’”

The Adoption Process

Suzanne Jones Whats Your BeautifulOnce her younger son was in pre-K, Suzanne and her husband began the adoption process. They focused on China, which has a particular need for parents to adopt special needs children.

“There are true special needs, of course, but some of the things they consider special needs would be no big deal to us here in the U.S.,” Jones explains. “So we decided to go the special needs route. For our daughter, it was that she was born prematurely.”

19 long months after Suzanne and her husband began filling out the paperwork to get the ball rolling, they got a call. There was a little girl who needed a family. The family made the trip to China to pick her up, and at last she was in their arms.

“Our boys have been so sweet from the start,” she says of how her sons responded to their new sister. “I was a little nervous when I told them we were going to do it, but I felt God was leading us to this child. They got to travel to China with us, fed her, and bonded with her right away.”

A New Member of the Family

The family would call the little girl Amelia. Her given Chinese name, An Ni, would become her middle name.

Suzanne says adoption has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. She has a few words of wisdom for other women who may be considering it.

“Adoption can be very intimidating and almost scary,” she says. “People think about cost, time, paperwork, travel, and the scariest part, that you don’t know anything about the child. But are so many benefits. It’s so incredible, just like having a baby. It’s worth anything you go through to be with that child.”

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Tami Brehse
Tami Brehse